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Casterton, AU

5:08pm, 24th March 2023


Feels like: 21°C
scattered clouds
Wind: 6km/h
Pressure: 1019mb
Visibility: 10km
Sunrise: 7:40am
Sunset: 7:41pm

Next 24 Hours

Max: 21°C (5:00pm 25th Mar)

Chance of Rain: 0% (broken clouds)
Wind: 5km/h
Pressure: 1019mb

Min: 10°C (8:00am 25th Mar)

Chance of Rain: 0% (broken clouds)
Wind: 3km/h
Pressure: 1022mb
  • Daylight Savings Ends 2nd April
    Daylight savings ends at 2am on Sunday 2nd April. You should wind your clocks back one hour and maybe get some more sleep. Hits: 3

  • MCO: The Art of Symphony 7th September
    “From the ancient Greek for ‘sounded harmoniously’, the words ‘sinfonia’ and ‘symphony’ have been used for centuries. Leonora Duarte, a Flemish composer who died before Bach was born, used it to describe her haunting works for viol ensemble. Johann Stamitz was a visionary, writing some of the first works that are recognisably modern symphonies. Haydn […]

  • Casterton Kelpie Muster
    Saturday and Sunday 10/11 June 2023 The Australian Kelpie Muster headlines June long weekend activities in the Glenelg Shire, boasting an array of free activities and entertainment for all ages. The Muster is run by the Casterton Kelpie Association and includes the family-friendly Kelpie Festival on Saturday and showcases the Australian Premier Working Dog Auction […]

  • Youth Mental Health First Aid March 2023
    Learn how to support young people and their mental health. This course runs over four evening sessions: Monday 6, 20, 27 March & 3 of April 2023. All sessions will run from 6.00pm – 9.30pm. You MUST attend all four sessions to complete your certificate of Youth Mental Health First Aid certificate. This training is […]

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