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The Casterton Business and Community Directory is a great way to get a presence on the web without having to go through the pain of setting up and managing a whole web site. It is available to all local businesses, non-profits, sporting and community groups and is highly Search Engine Optimized to give you the greatest exposure possible on the web. You can get your directory entry for as little as $35 per year.

Directory Entry Options

There are three entry sizes available. This picture is the standard entry.

  • standard entry:
    • text up to about 50 words
    • $35 per year
    • first year free
  • medium entry:
    • about half as wide again as the standard entry
    • text up to about 80 words
    • plus an additional full page with room for more text and graphics
    • full page includes additional contacts, google map, hours of operation, gallery, contact form
    • $50 per year
  • large entry:
    • about double the width of the standard entry
    • text up to about 100 words
    • plus an additional full page with room for more text and graphics
    • full page includes additional contacts, google map, hours of operation, gallery, contact form and a set of stainless steel kitchen knives… (wait, what?!?)
    • $65 per year

All entries are the same colour and layout. The contents is up to you. You provide the title, photo or graphic, description and contact information. The main entry can display up to four contacts such as address, phone, email, web address, facebook, instagram. Your email address is always obfuscated to reduce the ability of spam bots to find it while remaining readable on the page. Any contacts over the limit of four can be displayed on the full page available to the medium and large options. You can include links to other pages in the text if you want. The order and colour of the entries may change from time to time.

Your Own Dedicated Full Page (medium/large entries)

If you choose either the medium or large size directory entry, your entry will link to a dedicated full page with more room to extol the virtues of your business or group. If your street address is available, a map is also included. If your email address is available, a contact form is included. You may choose to hide your email address and just show the contact form. You can specify general business hours in one line or specific hours for each day. Display your wares in the gallery. Your potential clients can add you to their favourites list and even print your entry complete with map. Use this as a landing page for your business cards and promotional material. Have a look at some of our current members’ pages to get an idea of what you can include.

Exactly What Do You Mean by ‘Casterton’?

I take Casterton to include surrounding areas. A radius of about 30 km (or about 25 minutes’ drive) from the township. Dergholm/Nareen to the north, Coleraine to the east, Strathdownie to the west, Digby to the south.

This map will give you an idea. Click to view a bigger version.

How Can You Guarantee The Information Is Up To Date?

These directories always seem to go stale. People forget to update the information, committee members change. Before you know it, your group sinks under the weight of out-of-date contact information. The way I ensure the directory information stays current is by charging a small annual fee. After 11 months you’ll receive a renewal via your billing email address. This also acts as a reminder to check your directory information is up to date. If the renewal is not paid, this tells me the directory entry is no longer required and so it is removed.

Of course, you’re welcome to email me updates at any time in order to keep your entry information accurate or you can apply for your own member’s account so you can log in and update your own entries as often as needed.

Business and Community Directory Application Form

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